• Stanley Cup champions New Jersey Devils
Federer vs. Almagro (Cincinatt 2007)

Roger Federer Anniversary

Post (above) by ATP World Tour. Will the Roger Federer record of 302 weeks at No. 1 ever be topped? Roger received the 2006 Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of Year award and named 2006-07 BBC Sports Overseas Personality of Year (also in ’04)…In October 2007, voted No. 30 in a list of “the 100 most influential […]

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Online Gambling stacks-up in the UK

Online gambling chips win in UK

In a critical decision for the future of Online Poker being dealt from offshore, the Internet service providers (ISPs) in the United Kingdom have rejected a request from the government to display warnings to web users who attempt to view poker sites operated from offshore jurisdictions. The UK’s Gambling Commission met with some of the […]

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Nevada silver state

The State of the Las Vegas Gambling Scene

To industry experts, it’s no secret that the gambling and live poker scenes in Las Vegas have both seen a gradual decline in recent years. Online gambling and online poker have been blamed for the current state of affairs, but even as various casino interests are busy teaming up with online operators in anticipation of […]

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Doyle Brunson

Las Vegas Poker Scene

It was a little over a year ago when Doyle Brunson first sounded the alarm over the deteriorating quality of the Las Vegas poker scene. Brunson’s statement, took those who do not have regular contact with poker interests in Sin City by surprise, since it had always been assumed that Vegas was indeed the focal […]

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Ask Queenie race horse

Betting on the Horses – Basic Tips

Besides the factors covered in my previous piece, there are a handful of other variables which every horse racing handicapper should know about and should factor into his handicapping. The surface on which the race is run is one such factor. Race horses are mainly of two types: dirt track horses and turf horses. While […]

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Sports Betting Success – the EV

The EV is the key to success in every form of gambling. The EV is basically the expected value, or the amount of money a player can mathematically expect to win or lose on every bet that he makes. The expected value can be positive – in which case the player enjoys an advantage over […]

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Variance in sports betting

People bet on sports to win money. Even recreational gamblers aim to score some dough, after all that is the object of the game and if one only loses, the game stops being enjoyable. If you win, it means you’re playing the game well. You’re good at it and there’s quite a bit of satisfaction […]

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Casino Lights In Macau

Sports Betting in Macau

Ever since gambling was legalized there, Macau has become a major world hotspot for high stakes poker games, casino gambling and yes, sport betting too. Poker is truly thriving in Macau: there’s a high stakes game which is basically a perpetual fixture, in which some wealthy Chinese businessmen provide very attractive action that draws in […]

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Parlay Bets – Are They for Suckers?

Parlay bets are quite popular, among sharps as well as among squares. The concept behind parleys is quite simple really: instead of betting on say 3 individual teams, the bettor groups his 3 bets together, for a potentially increased payout and for reducing the risk factor. While some regard parlays as a sucker’s bet, others […]

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Sports Betting – Maximizing Value

Sports betting is simply about picking a winner for most people. After all, he who manages to get his money into the middle on the right side of a match-up, time and time again, will obviously walk away with a profit. The problem however is a much more complex one. Those in the know are […]

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